Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Corrosion protection

Maritime navigation - Stainless at sea

One of our major assignments is the corrosion protection of ships. Steel, metal and water are not compatible in the long run. Damage is caused by salt and brackish water. In shipbuilding, corrosion can quickly cause damage worth billions. Resistant corrosion protection through coating and painting protects metallic materials from these environmental influences and extends their service life.

TOKS Service GmbH cleans, derusts, coats and preserves your fleet. Because careful corrosion protection is also a matter of safety. Compliance with the relevant quality standards is a given for us. All work in the field of corrosion protection is carried out professionally and with practical experience by our specialist staff. The satisfaction of our customers is our priority.

Offshore wind farm

Wind power

The harsh weather conditions pose special challenges for the material of the wind turbines. TOKS Service GmbH prepares wind farm plants so that they can withstand that kind of weather for a long time: With high-quality materials, qualified staff and also thanks to our many years of experience in the shipping industry.

Damages to large steel constructions cause high costs. Do not let it come to that. Good, resistant corrosion protection on the other hand costs comparatively little. With the right, competent partner company for corrosion protection, you can give your wind turbines a boost for many years of rust-free operation. With every job, we strive to achieve the goal of becoming even better.