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Corrosion protection

At our company, our experienced team ensures the longevity of your equipment. We are specialized in corrosion protection for wind farms and ocean shipping.

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Where people work at heights, everything has to be 100% stable and safe. We offer you precise craftsmanship and reliable, on-time execution.

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Safety and health protection is our responsibility. We are SCC**-certified and thus meet the high requirements of industry.

Corrosion results from damage.

Do not allow any damage, as it can cause high costs. Steel and metal structures must be inspected regularly and incipient corrosion processes have to be prevented as early as possible. Trust TOKS: We take precautions with good corrosion protection.

Safe facilities - with TOKS Service

Our competent experts at TOKS Service GmbH ensure the longevity of your equipment.
We are specialized in industrial plants, scaffolding, wind farm installations and bridge refurbishment.
Offshore wind farm

Our qualified team works routinely and with great commitment for customers throughout Germany and Europe. In our industry, occupational safety and health protection on construction sites are the highest priority: TOKS is SCC**-certified. The satisfaction of our clients confirms our high quality standards.

After all, we are particularly happy to handle demanding projects. Our employees at TOKS Service GmbH will provide you with competent advice. Our work is characterised by three essential criteria: flexible according to your schedule, reliable cooperation and on-time completion of projects. We will even realize your individual requests.

Your benefit - Our experience

TOKS Service GmbH was founded in 2018

The name is new, but our flexible team draws on the profound know-how from the company Toks Korrosionsschutz as well as their many years of experience in corrosion protection.

In addition to ocean shipping, our service portfolio includes industrial plants as well as corrosion protection for wind turbines and scaffolding

Many major projects and construction sites on which we are active on behalf of customers are located in Germany and Denmark

We gladly face new challenges - we grow with our tasks and are looking forward to your project

  • Sandblasting

  • Grinding

    Old varnishes and paint applications

  • Cleaning

    clean surfaces through residue-free cleaning

  • Filling

    Smooth out unevenness where necessary

  • Coating

    Apply weather-resistant corrosion protection

  • Industrial coatings

    New coatings for metal and steel

  • Metallization

    After-treatment of metallic surfaces